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WordPress Website Management.

If you have a WordPress website you will need to ensure it is regularly updated, backed up and secure to prevent security issues, hacking attempts and page errors. If this is something you always forget to take care of then you can leave it to us. 

Wordpress website management

Do You Have a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system (CMS). It is used to build websites across the world, from simple blogs to large company websites. 

If you have a WordPress website, you will need to regularly update it. This includes the plugins, WordPress version and occasionally your PHP version to keep it functional and secure. 

Is this something you forget to do or simply don’t know how to do?

Why Does WordPress Need Updating?

The WordPress website updates are designed to keep your WordPress site safe from any security issues. In the past, WordPress has been prone to security breaches which have led to many WordPress websites being hacked and personal information stolen. If you want to avoid these risks, then you need to update your WordPress installation with the latest version as soon as it becomes available.

It is also important that you update all of your plugins and themes on a regular basis too!

WordPress websites are more likely to be targeted if they are not updated regularly because security vulnerabilities can go undetected for months and years without updating WordPress plugins and themes

What Are The Risks of Not Maintaining Your WordPress website?

  • WordPress website hacked by cybercriminals that steal your site’s content, customer data or both.
  • Outdated WordPress versions increase the risk of hacking WordPress websites, especially WordPress website with plugins.
  • Outdated WordPress versions are more susceptible to vulnerabilities that may not have been fixed in later WordPress releases and can be exploited by hackers.
  • Your site will slow down as it ages without regular WordPress updates because there is an accumulation of unused code from old themes and plugins you no longer use.
  • Entire Website theft. We have seen this happen more than once. Hackers hijack your website and turn it into something else.
WordPress Updates

We Can Eliminate The Worry

We can take care of your WordPress website maintenance, providing regular back-ups of your website, regular updates of WordPress, your plugins and themes for your peace of mind.

Our packages are listed below, but we can also offer more comprehensive updates such as blog writing and uploads, new page uploads, product creation and more, 

If you’d like a price for full website management, please get in touch via the button below for a bespoke quote. 


WordPress Website Management Packages

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