You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, video is even more valuable than that. Marketers have indeed been using videos for decades to promote their products and services, but it has become increasingly important in today’s digital world.

Most people don’t want to read through long articles or watch hours of irrelevant content before finding what they are looking for, so why not show them at least part of your message with a video? In this article, we will discuss five reasons you should use video marketing and how you can get started.

1.    Video Stands Out

Video can help make your content stand out from others and give you an edge over competitors who are not utilising it to its full potential. When you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, a video is disruptive within the feed. It stands out.

Video has the most prominent emotional reach of all content. This is because it combines sight and sound to tell stories in an immersive way.

The fact that 63% of attention spans are shorter than eight seconds makes this point even stronger – people want to get the information they need quickly.

2.    Helps Build a Deeper Connection

Video is also an easy way to present visuals and give your brand a human touch – it’s easier for people to connect with video than text, pictures or other types of content.

This makes sense when you consider that 75% of communication is non-verbal in nature; we understand emotions through facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice and body language.

The use of video simply brings another dimension to all of your marketing efforts – it’s worth adding to your marketing toolkit.

3.    Gets Better Engagement

The use of video encourages engagement – viewers are more likely to share your content than if you just publish a blog post or social media update with accompanying images. It’s a more engaging way to provide content that will be more useful and relevant for your customers.

Video can also increase the customer experience by providing a seamless, personalised process via live chat or call-to-action buttons on videos, increasing conversions.

4.    Video is Versatile

Video is a versatile medium that can be used to convey a multitude of content themes. It can be used to showcase your products, tell a story about the company or demonstrate an important product feature. It’s also great for training purposes or as part of an explainer video.

Video gives you versatility in terms of what content you want to cover and how much time it takes to create that content

If you’re looking for some ideas, read on, we cover some at the end of this blog post.

5.    Video Can Be Used to Build Brand Recognition

Video is a powerful way to build brand awareness. It’s been shown that people will remember the video content and your company name for up to three days after viewing it, even if they don’t retain any other information about you or your product!

It’s straightforward to repurpose other forms of content into a branded video. By ensuring your videos are branded, you can draw in potential customers with a single click or tap.

How can you brand videos? Include your company’s logo, colour scheme and other branding elements. An animated logo could be added to the beginning or end of a video. We have a special offer where you can get your logo animated for just £10 here.

Segment videos into shorter clips for use as short ads on social media or video-sharing platforms like Facebook Live and keep the message consistent with that of your current marketing campaigns.

Ways to Include Video in Your Content Strategy

The use of video marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, with the average company spending around eleven times more on videos than they did back in 2012. The great news is that small businesses can now take advantage of apps on their mobile devices to help them create their own videos.

Below are some ways you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

  • Introduce yourself or your company,
  • Showcase products or services
  • Provide valuable information about something that might not otherwise have been covered
  • Make short tutorials
  • Hop on a live video to answer some FAQ’s
  • Create a top-tips reel or TikTok
  • Repurpose other content such as blog posts into a slide video showing the headings with a link to the main blog
  • Incorporate product demos or how-to’s into your marketing strategy with short video clips
  • Use live sessions on social media for product launches,
  • Create behind the scenes footage or answering audience questions
  • Pull together a quick video to use as an email marketing campaign
  • Feature your team members and what they do in their roles within the company on social media and other platforms.

If you don’t embrace video content, you will get left behind. Video has been overtaking all other forms of content over the last few years. You only have to look at TikTok, and the Instagram Reels feature to see the higher levels of engagement brought in by video.

It can seem daunting to show yourself on video, but most people find that it gets easier once they have done it a few times. The results spur them on to keep up the effort. After all, stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you to grow.

If you really can’t face showing yourself on film, there are ways to avoid it, such as screen sharing tutorials, slide shows, and behind the scenes, time-lapses showing just your hands.

Has this encouraged you to take the plunge and create videos? If you’re not sure where to start we can create a video from just £35 for you. Find out more about our Social media videos here