Social media is widely used by most of societies demographics. In days gone by when we woke up, we would have checked the newspaper with a cup of tea or coffee. These days people pick up their smartphones and check their social media feeds.

With access to readily available, mindless scrolling occurs multiple times per day on these channels. This makes social media networks the perfect place for businesses to reach their prospective customers and clients. We take a look below at why social media is important for business.


Reach Your Ideal Clients 

With people connected to social media channels at the tip of their fingers via smartphones and tablets, you have a huge potential audience. You can utilise your Facebook business page, Facebook groups, Instagram reels and stories, live video sessions


Stay in The Minds of Clients

By maintaining a visible social presence, you also keep your business in the minds of your followers. This may be for their own use at a later date, or they may recommend you to others they know.

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Showcase Your Personality

People buy from people. Social media channels allow you to portray your personality and share your vision, mission statements, and core beliefs. This allows followers to connect with you on mutual topics of interest and get to know you and your brand better.


Discover What Your Audience are Interested In

Social media allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. If used correctly, you can ask questions via stories or posts to find out what your customers are interested in, what they would like to see more of and to build a community.


Develop Meaningful Partnerships

Social networks are a great place to connect with other local businesses. You can build a rapport and refer businesses on to each other. It can be as simple as tagging yourself drinking coffee at an independent local coffee shop to pairing up to offer prizes and offers.


Which Social Media Channel is Best for Your Business?

Each social media network has its own demographic. TikTok is popular among gen-z, Instagram among millennials, Facebook has a broad user-base, LinkedIn is popular for business users and so on.

Positioning yourself in front of your target audience correctly is the key to success. This is a topic we have covered more in depth before. You can find out more about that here.


As you can see above, social media is important for businesses for many different reasons. All of which can help to improve your income. When managed well, the return on investment is clear. It can be challenging to maintain the required creativity and time to keep your social media channels regularly updated. But if you put in the time and effort, you can see the results. Alternately, you can, of course, outsource this work to a specialist such as us. Find out more about our social media management here.