Clubhouse is the latest social media app to hit the world. There’s been plenty of buzz around this new platform, with many questions in People’s minds. What is it, who’s using it, how is it used, how can you gain access?

We take a look below:

What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is a new social media platform that allows people to connect and speak with one another via voice chats in rooms. These rooms have a theme and moderator(s) that run the room and the discussion.

It’s a little like an interactive Podcast. Listeners can raise their hand by pressing a button if they wish to speak, and the moderators can choose to bring them up to the stage to join the discussion.

Unlike other social media platforms that often use a few different mediums, Clubhouse is purely voice chats. While there is space for links to your Instagram and Twitter accounts in your bio, everything else on the platform is audio.

Who’s Using Clubhouse?


Now that we’ve tackled the ‘what is Clubhouse’ question, we will look at the sort of people that are using the channel.

Initially, the platform was offered in America. It is now branching out into other countries. Having spent a week and a half on the channel, I can see a wide range of discussions taking place.

The rooms are diverse, with experts and authority figures offering such a wealth of knowledge on the app for free.

There are discussions about sustainability, marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, relationships, mental health, holistic lifestyles, and so much more.

If you’re looking for your tribe, the chances are you can find them on Clubhouse and learn so much in the process.

How Can I Get onto Clubhouse?


At the moment, Clubhouse is only available as an iPhone app to people who have received an invitation.

How do you get a Clubhouse invite? Invites come from people you know, so if you’re looking to gain access to the app, try putting out a post on/ your social media channels to see if anyone has a spare invitation for you.

When a new member joins Clubhouse, they only get two invites to send to people. This ensures they consider their invitees carefully. As they spend time on the platform, though, they are allocated more invites to send out.

We’ve heard rumours that the app will be available for Android users in the near future, so eventually, everyone that wants to use Clubhouse should be able to.

Can Businesses Benefit from Clubhouse?


At the moment, we haven’t seen anyone monetising the platform yet. This means it’s a purer platform without the wealth of trolls you find elsewhere on the internet. Right now, the platform is full of intelligent people sharing a wealth of information and advice on a broad array of topics. 

With links to your Twitter and Instagram on your bio, people can connect with you outside of the app. This means that people are gaining huge authority as experts in their field and building their audience off of the platform too.

We would recommend joining rooms and raising your hand to speak in rooms that you have knowledge about, to begin with, to gain a voice and build connections whilst establishing your authority.

As with all social media networks, specific industries will find some more useful than others. It works really well for service-based businesses and knowledge-based businesses. If you’re a coach, marketer, entrepreneur, thought leader, mental health professional etc., then this could be the ideal platform for you.

Of course, in time, people will find ways to monetise the platform. For now, it’s the perfect place to network and demonstrate authority, which in turn could lead to relationships outside of the platform and in business.

We are excited to see the future of Clubhouse; early adopters of platforms usually do well, shaping the app’s future. We’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve used it. Let us know via our social media platforms.

We hope that answers the basic question; ‘what is Clubhouse?’ We are working closely with some of our clients on building a strategy to utilise Clubhouse so we will share some more information when we can.