Social media has become an increasingly important part of the digital marketing toolkit, especially for smaller businesses who have smaller marketing budgets. 

It’s free to set up business social media accounts with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc, meaning it’s accessible to anyone to reach customers and potential customers alike. 

While many people already use social media in one form or another for their personal use, a large proportion of business users are not sure what they should be doing with their business channels in order to engage and succeed in this competitive field. 

This is why we created the social media strategy plan, which has proven to be a successful tool for our past clients that have purchased one of these plans. 

What’s Included in the Social Media Strategy Plan?

The social media strategy plan (SMSP) is an extensive document that we put together for our clients which assesses any current social media efforts, looks at competitors social media activities and makes a number of suggestions to help create interesting and engaging social media accounts which aid conversions. Below is a list of the areas we cover in full: 

  • A list of recommended actions.
  • An analysis of current social media channels if applicable.
  • A competitor analysis.
  • Recommendations for other channels which may benefit if applicable.
  • An explanation of analytics and insights monitoring.
  • An overview of social media advertising. 
  • A schedule to work within, first month, months 2-3 and so on. 
  • A list of useful and FREE resources we have compiled to help with social media activities. 

Our plans are usually in excess of 20 A4 pages and will be personalised to your business and its goals, with lots of insightful tips and strategies to follow in order to run successful social media channels. 

Is The Social Media Plan Easy To Follow? 

We explain everything within the plan and include some screenshots where necessary to help our clients understand, we often get asked to create a ‘social media plan for dummies’ and work hard to help our clients in the most suitable way for them. When requesting a social media plan you can let us know how much knowledge you have and how much hand-holding you may need during the process, but we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the plan via a quick call or message. 

What Social Media Platforms Are Covered in The Plan?

We cover ALL social media networks that you may utilise and will build the plan around what you are comfortable using alongside recommendations of any other channels we feel could benefit your business in a positive way. 

All of the common social media channels are covered such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, but we are also able to include industry-specific platforms should you require, just include them in the brief. 

How Long Will I Have To Wait For My SMSP?

Because our social media plans are lengthy and individually tailored to each business we work with we aim to complete them within a week, this may of course increase during particularly busy times as we are a small team, we would notify of any potential delays upon initial contact though. 

What Can I Hope To Gain From The Plan?

Our social media plan will give you the tools to create content that resonates with your follower base and engages them. This changes from platform to platform, for example, Instagram is a visual social network, whereas Facebook allows the sharing of links, images, videos, polls and much, much more. The plan explains how best to utilise each platform, how to grow your following, how to engage your followers and how to increase conversions via social media channels. 

We appreciate the goals of each business are completely different snd work closely to help our clients get the perfect plan to follow for their individual targets. 

You can check out the past feedback we have received for our plans here


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