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Website Creation.

A website is a digital storefront, showing the world what you have to offer. At Counting Stars we can create a beautiful, responsive website that demonstrates exactly WHO you are as a brand, as well as optimising the design to your customer journey to increase conversions. 

Do You Need a Website?

We build beautiful, responsive websites in WordPress to help you convert your visitors into customers.

Show The World Who You Are

Your website should tell your customers who you are, what you are passionate about and what you do within the first few seconds. After all, human nature means our attention has to be captured quickly before we lose interest. Have you ever visited a website and immediately left because it gave you a negative impression? Be it too old fashioned, too spammy looking or it was simply too difficult to get the information you required? When designing a website the customer journey is the primary consideration, what would you like visitors to do when they land on your site, how easy is it for them to get the information they need and is it plain and simple to read? 

We can help you design a beautiful website, that works across all devices, and meets the needs of your customers. Click the button below to have a chat.

Working With us is Easy

We have some simple questions to help steer the direction of your website, we can create the design as well as write all the content for the pages if needed so that you can sit back and relax.


What Our Customer’s Say

Smash Your Anxiety

I’ve been getting help with my website from Della at Counting Stars for some time now. I find her very helpful and knowledgeable. She provides excellent service.

The Benefits of a Website

Increase Revenue

Increased Visibility

Easier To Reach

Enhanced Credibility

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