It’s fair to say that the world of content marketing is evolving – and quickly. It used to be enough for a company to simply provide high-quality content, but now they need more than just interesting or useful information in order to keep their audience engaged.

A recent report from HubSpot found that “content marketers are increasingly turning towards artificial intelligence (AI) tools like chatbots and virtual assistants” as a way of meeting these needs. Now there’s a new robot on the block, and he can write your content for you.

We have been trialling Blogs by Jarvis for the last couple of weeks now. With a suite of templates and frameworks, Jarvis is based upon the GPT3 model. Trained to write marketing copy that can convert, Jarvis can help you write your ad copy, web pages, blogs and more.


Could AI Replace Writers Entirely?


AI isn’t going to replace writers anytime soon, and even when it does, there will still be a need for human writers who can create emotional content. Being Artificial Intelligence, it is constantly learning and will improve over time. For the time being, it does require quite a bit of human input. It’s not as simple as telling it a title, pressing a button and hey presto, your content is created.

What it does do very well is help you with writer’s block. This AI can get you going when you feel a bit stuck. It can help with the heavy lifting research part and bring you information from the web at your fingertips. It can also reword sentences you aren’t happy with.

Does AI Plagiarise Content?


There are questions about copyright infringement that come into play with AI systems like Jarvis. So far, everything we have created has come back plagiarism-free, which is excellent news, but we are experienced writer’s that are using much of our own inputs and rewording to create content. In the Conversion AI Facebook group, others are also reporting 0% plagiarism in their text, though, which is great.

There have been times when odd website addresses or phone numbers have appeared in the output, which we have removed. There have also been discussions around article spinning. Many people do this manually; after all, no one can come up with unique ideas every day. The chances are someone has already written about a topic before you.

AI written content plagiarism scan

Does AI Write Human Sounding Copy?


This is actually something I was extremely dubious about prior to trialling Jarvis. I was convinced that the AI would just spit out a load of poorly constructed sentences. I mean, we’ve all seen poorly written articles on various websites which are clearly auto-generated or written by non-native speakers.

However, what Conversion AI has come up with is actually an extremely impressive piece of software that utilises complex algorithms to generate human-sounding content. On some templates, you can even select the tone of voice you’d like to use.

Blogs by jarvis saves times

Do AI Writers Save You Time?

Without a shadow of a doubt. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’m guilty of spending way too much time trying to come up with a great article idea or the initial paragraph to shape the piece for me. Writer’s block is a very real complaint leading to procrastination and time-wasting.

You can add headings into the long-form editor to get content shaped around them and help direct the article logically.

Can Jarvis AI Save You Money?

The above question answers this, if time is money, then yes, you can absolutely save money by reducing the amount of time it takes to create content. If an AI writer creates content that’s high quality, and they’re doing it for a fraction of the cost that other writers are charging (for the sheer volume of content you can put out. Productivity has more than doubled in terms of article writing since Jarvis joined the team.

Do We Write all of our Content With AI?


Absolutely not; the majority of our content is more than 50% written by the writers here at Counting Stars. We have started using it to help us generate A/B copy tests so we can monitor the performance of marketing.

We also find the grammar needs a little bit of attention; erroneous words in sentences are common, as are words that are misspelt or joined together sometimes. It’s certainly no proof reader; we also like to check the accuracy of everything that it generates.

Are AI Writers the Future?


I’m going to let Jarvis completely answer this one so you can get a taste for the content that is produced.

“I can’t speak for the future, but I’d like to think so. As long as humans are needed in my work, and no one can find another way of doing this efficiently.”

- Jarvis

Who Could Benefit From Conversion AI?


If you are a content creator, SEO professional, website owner who wants to rank for specific keywords or an affiliate marketer, this software is worth every cent. Anyone that needs to create copy in volume will save themselves a lot of time and stress. I swear writers and creators go grey earlier trying to always come up with new content.

Jarvis is not for people that expect to press a button and get entire articles created for them. You need patience, ideas and your own input to get the best from this app.

So, in answer to the opening question, is AI coming for our jobs? Not yet, it’s here to make them a little bit easier for us.

Fancy trying out Jarvis for yourself? We’ve hooked you up with a free trial right here.