Businesses can often be reluctant to use Pinterest, perhaps because they are unconvinced that they will reach their audience there or assume it to be of lesser value than other social media platforms. If you fall into this category, you may be missing out on the benefits that Pinterest can bring to your business. Whilst you may feel you don’t have time to manage another social channel, Pinterest is easy to use and generally doesn’t require the level of ongoing management that other sites do. Here are the top benefits of Pinterest for business…

Drives traffic to your site

You may be surprised to know that Pinterest is one of the largest drivers of website traffic in the world! People intentionally use Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and, as such, are likely to click through to your website if you are posting engaging content. This is a very visual platform so the key to gaining traffic via links on Pinterest is creating quality visual posts. Every pin contains links so simply posting images of your products can boost the inbound traffic to your site.

Converts browsers into buyers

Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine. Users of this platform are more likely to convert faster than other platforms because Pinterest is used specifically for research during the planning phase of a project, or for inspiration on specific topics. This means you can easily reach a highly targeted audience and makes Pinterest great for lead generation. According to Hubspot, Pinterest ‘reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion’ because visitors from this platform convert to leads and sales faster than any other social channel.

High user engagement rates

User engagement is extremely high on Pinterest. People are constantly sharing pins they like and pinning them to their own boards, increasing your visibility during searches. The nature of Pinterest is such that people are encouraged and eager to share their dream products. This is good for your business because it means that your posts are more likely to be seen and possibly even go viral.

Website and social media integration

Pinterest integrates with your website as well as other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. This can be beneficial because it allows you, and others, to automatically post pins on news feeds for others to see. This boosts the reach of your pins, gaining you even more inbound traffic and raising brand awareness.

Get to know your audience

By following your followers on Pinterest, you can get to know what inspires them and what their interests are. This is valuable data you can use to tailor your content in future. This platform also allows you to gain insight into what is popular and trending, which you can use to position your products and offers in a way that guarantees more sales.

Promote your business locally

Pinterest has a feature called Place Pins which is a special type of pin that allows associating image pins with geographic locations, as well as extra information including contact details. Pinterest Place Pins are great for cross-promoting your brand and networking locally with other companies. Adding other local businesses as a place pin will encourage them to return the favour. You can be creative with this and connect it to your products and services. For example, if you sell bikes, you could pin a local café as a great place to stop off for refreshments whilst out riding.

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