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We’re guessing, that since you’re here, the answer is YES! Whether you have some idea of marketing strategies or are completely befuddled by the wealth of buzzwords and abbreviations, charts and mediums we are here to support your ambitions. 

The key to any successful digital marketing campaign is the stats, without monitoring what’s happening, testing, and improving you are just blindly fumbling in the dark. This is why having someone on your side who truly understands is one of the best investments you can make. 

Here at Counting Stars Digital, we specialise in digital marketing services which include, but are not limited to, the below list of services.  

Feel free to browse the website to learn more about what we do, but there’s always the option to contact us and have a chat about your goals to see how best we can support your business. 

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Whether you’re a new business, or an existing business looking to rebrand we can help you position your brand in the market and appeal to your audience. 

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For businesses that are in the early stages of development, or looking for a refresh, branding is important. It helps you stand out in the sea of competition. getting it right is key, it’s important to understand your customers and create branding that appeals to them. This includes:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Tone of voice for communications
  • Design of graphics & advertising material

easily recognisable branding helps you stand out and can create a sense of pride in the business. 

We can assist with branding from logo and graphic creation to content that will appeal to your target audience. 


A well-defined marketing strategy is vital. Without researching your target audience and understanding their wants and needs how can you appeal to them? 

Many businesses waste too much precious time stabbing in the dark. Conducting market research and developing a strategy is the way to avoid this, save both time and money and reduce the stress of running a business. 

We can help to develop a winning marketing strategy and, if required help you execute it. 


Social Media Management

Managing social media channels on top of all the other day to day requirements of running a business can become too much. We can reduce the stress and keep your channels updated and engaging.

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Social media is our area of expertise. Over the years we have managed social media for numerous industries and have customer’s that have been with us from our very early days, which we feel is a testament to the quality of service we provide. 

From strategy to implementation and the ongoing management of social media channels we are here to help. 

We take the time to learn about your audience and develop content that will resonate with them from the tone of voice to the design of posts, our aim is to help your business soar on social media and be seen by the people who matter; your potential customers. 

We can manage ALL social media channels and provide monthly reports and analytics to show you what’s going on, along with suggestions to improve month on month. 

We appreciate that finding the time to regularly update your socials can be difficult and aim to reduce that stress for you as an extended member of the team. 

Audience Analytics

We appreciate that looking at endless charts can seem daunting and somewhat confusing, but analytics are vital in steering the direction of your marketing activities. If you need a hand deciphering the data we can help.

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When it comes to any marketing campaign, the analytics are the key to prolonged success. In order to build a highly targeted audience, you have to see what works and what doesn’t. 

There are a number of tools at your disposal, the most well known and commonly used being Google Analytics, but you need to be able to look at all of the data to get the full picture, which is where your social media insights, newsletter campaigns and ads all come together to give you the full picture. 

We appreciate that all of these stats can be confusing, with many people unsure exactly which stats are the important ones. We monitor the stats from all of the campaigns we manage for our clients and communicate these figures with them on a monthly basis so everyone knows what the next move is. 

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO seems like some mysterious magical act that only wizards can perform. We help guide businesses with their on-page SEO efforts to ensure their website content is optimised.

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SEO is important for anyone that has a website, ensuring your website is optimised and well connected to the accompanying search services is the best way to be found on the search results pages. 

There are a number of methods employed to help Google, Bing and Yahoo show customers your website, from keyword rankings to services such as Google My Business. 

Your content should be relevant to your niche and tell the search engines who you are and what you do. We can help to optimise your website for the search engines.


Content Writing

Content writing comes in many forms, whether you need blog posts to keep your audience entertained, newsletters, adverts, social posts or website copy we can help you.

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The way in which you communicate with your customers is important. The tone of the language you use, the way in which it is presented and the benefit to the reader are all key considerations. 

We have numerous years experience between our team of talented writers, who understand the importance of value to the reader, research and write all their content with SEO in mind.

We have written content for numerous purposes for our clients over the years including:

  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Award applications
  • Letters
  • Sales copy
  • Interviews for industry publications
  • Video scripts

If the thought of writing the content you need stresses you out, then reach out and see how we can help. 

Workshops & Consulting

For businesses that want to take care of their social media in house, but need a little guidance we offer workshops for specific social media channels and in house consultation & training services for larger businesses. 

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Not every business wants their social media or marketing to be managed for them. Smaller businesses may find that they need to take care of this in house to maximise profit and larger organisations may have a dedicated staff member or team to take care of their marketing. 

Having worked in the industry for many years now, we are passionate about social media and love to share our knowledge and help others succeed. 

Keep an eye out for our dedicated workshops, the details will be released on our social media channels and the website, you can also sign up for our updates here. 

If you would like some consulting or in house training, then please get in touch and we can arrange to have a chat about your goals. 

Website Development

For many, a website is the first impression they have of your business, which is why it’s so important to make a positive first impression. Whether you need a new website, a website refresh or some maintenance we can assist.

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Do you have a website, and if so, Is your website working for you? Your website should never be an after thought, it should be designed around the needs of your website visitors and optimised to increase conversions. 

The design should speak to them, as should the copy, the imagery and videos used to create an immersive experience which tell the customer who you are and what you have to offer. 

Your website should take them on a journey, which answers their questions, from the initial discovery phase of the buyers journey through to the educated and ready to commit phase. 


Email Marketing

Want to reach out to your email database? We can help craft beautiful sales emails, promotional campaigns or even regular newsletters to keep in touch with your audience. 

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Businesses have been utilising email as a marketing tool for many, many years now, and while it may be harder to compete in this space with inboxes constantly pinging, many companies are still managing to create well targeted and engaging emails for their subscribers. 

Whether you need help with regular newsletter campaigns, or have a specific product or service to shout about we can help you build and optimise your campaign. 


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