Search Engine Optimisation

If you have a website then you will undoubtedly want your target audience to be able to find it online. The art of SEO is a complicated one.

On-Page SEO

Here at Counting Stars we help our clients with their on-page SEO, this includes engaging search engine optimised content, imagery and meta data. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is the art of optimising your website to be found by search engines. Google being the largest. This means that when people are looking for the product or services offered by your business you can be found.

We don’t work with any black hat techniques that could later see your websites or pages de-ranked, instead, we operate with a long term goal, building content that is engaging and relative to your audience and helps you get found. We do this with blogs, videos and social media content. Google’s algorithm gets cleverer every year and values relevant and interesting content over ‘keyword stuffed’ rubbish that has no purpose.

We Monitor Your Progress

We can keep an eye on the progress of your rankings and update you monthly with a report to show you how things are working for you. 


Why Choose Us


We provide our SEO services in conjunction with some of our other services such as content writing, website creation and social media marketing campaigns. The combination of these marketing activities can help you to realise your vision and goals with a well-rounded marketing campaign. The on-page SEO we provide as part of our packages ensures that everything we are doing has visible results for your business. 

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