Indulgenze Beauty

by | Oct 19, 2020

Indulgenze Beauty are an Eastbourne based beautician’s specialising in nails, lashes and make-up. Owner MJ reached out to us during lockdown because she was looking for a new logo to reflect a modern sophisticated image for her business.

MJ had actually done a lot of research prior to approaching us and had a couple of colour palette suggestions to work with. She wanted something elegant and sophisticated with a text based logo and perhaps an icon.

The logo design process is never straight forward, people generally don’t know what they want until they see it, which is why we provide concepts and revisions until the customer is happy and find their perfect match. Below are some of the original designs which we submitted to Indulgenze Beauty.

By providing three initial concepts we can get a feel for the things the client likes. In this case, MJ liked the font in concept 1 but wasn’t sure about this use of colour and felt that perhaps the blue would work better. She felt the images made it look like she offered hair services, so these were not a good fit.  MJ at this point actually sent a different colour palette and suggested we try those colours instead. 

With the new colour palette to work from we went back to the drawing board with our design. MJ also felt that perhaps a brush mark behind the text could work which would be more in keeping with the services offered such as nails and makeup. 

Using the colours from the new palette we tested out some new designs with a makeup style mark behind the text and sent two more versions to Indulgenze Beauty to be considered. 


MJ wasn’t keen on the pink colour and asked us to try out either the mint green or sand colour from the palette she had sent us in its place. It was clear that this colour didn’t really help to create an elegant and sophisticated design, so we decided to try something a little different, a wildcard if you will and changed the colour palette to utilise something different. For clients, it can be hard to visualise design ideas and throwing a wildcard in can often get the design process moving again when things are getting a little stuck. In this case, the wildcard went down so well that MJ decided to use it as the final design with no more revisions required! Check out here logo design below, and if you need help with branding or logos, get in touch here.