CW Changes website portfolio

Case Study: CW Changes


Client Background:

Charles, the owner of CW Changes, is dedicated to helping businesses build staff resilience for optimal business operations. Through a range of workshops designed with his associates, Charles equips businesses with the necessary tools to foster a strong and resilient workforce. With a successful B2C website already in place, Charles sought to expand his online presence to target the B2B market.

The Challenge:

Charles approached Counting Stars Digital for a second website project, this time focusing on the B2B market. He desired a website with a clean design, simple navigation, and alignment with his existing branding. The new website needed to have a different design than the first one yet still complement and be recognisable as part of the same brand. Additionally, Charles wanted a blog section to share valuable news and insights for his target audience.

Our Solution:

Working closely with Charles, our team at Counting Stars Digital developed a clean, user-friendly, and visually appealing WordPress website that aligned with his branding guidelines. We made sure the new design was distinct from his B2C website while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. A crucial part of our solution was the inclusion of a blog section that allowed Charles to update his website with relevant news and insights, catering to his target audience’s needs.

The Result:

The new CW Changes B2B website effectively showcased Charles’s workshops and services, providing a clear, easy-to-navigate online platform for his business clients. By designing the website to complement his B2C site, we created a cohesive brand identity across both sites, resulting in a stronger online presence for Charles’s business.

Empowering Our Client:

Charles’s new B2B website now serves as a valuable tool in promoting his services to businesses and enhancing his overall brand image. With the added blog section, he can continually update his site with relevant content, helping to attract and engage his target audience.

By partnering with Counting Stars Digital, CW Changes has successfully expanded its online presence, attracting a wider range of clients and contributing to the company’s ongoing success in both the B2C and B2B markets.

I’ve been getting help with my website from Della at Counting Stars for some time now. I find her very helpful and knowledgeable. She provides excellent service.



Charles – CW Changes