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Advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing, these days it’s easier than ever to reach a highly defined and targeted audience thanks to targeting options with digital adverts.

Do You Want Your Business To Have Greater Reach Online?

Online advertising delivers promotional content to your followers and potential customers through mediums such as social media, email, websites, and search engines. These advertisements utilise platforms such as Google pay per click (PPC), Facebook ads (which also covers Instagram), websites via the Display Network, YouTube, and other social media networks to share your adverts to a relevant and targeted audience. Advertising allows you to create creative, key-worded, and tailored content specific to your advertising goals, whether those be page likes, email sign-ups, or conversions such as sales!

How Can Online Ads Help Your Business Grow?

Advertising helps you to get your product or services out to a well-defined target audience – it puts your product in front of people who really want it and allows you to reach a wider audience of people who may not otherwise come across you online.

Digital advertising can be used to increase recognition, sales, following, leads or subscribers. You can create a campaign initially to gain likes for example on a Facebook page and then subsequently convert these likes into website traffic.

The adverts you chose will depend on your goals, so, whether you are looking to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic, increase conversions on your website or promote a specific event or service then a targeted advertising campaign can help you.

Online ads also allow you to target people who have left your website to remind them to return, after all, we all live busy lives and find ourselves easily distracted.

Digital advertising allows you as a business owner to see who’s interacted with your content, who engaged with your advertising campaign and because of the nature of its real-time results it allows you the opportunity to review the data and metrics and then tailor these campaigns making them immediately more effective.

Some Advertising Stats


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The Reach of Global Internet Users by The Google Display Network


Of Consumers Want To See More Video Content From a Brand They Support

The key to resonating with any audience is the value you offer them; well-defined content marketing plans which run alongside complimentary advertising campaigns can see conversion rates rocket. 

It’s important to include a good mix of mediums for advertising including video, which is quick and easy to consume.

We have years of experience running many different varieties of advertisements. As social media managers, we can run advertisements alongside social media and website campaigns and we are able to custom create content which aligns with your specific advertisement and marketing goals!

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