Digital outreach can help you achieve your marketing goals by providing all the tools you need to build positive relationships and reach more potential customers. In this article, we explain what digital outreach is and how digital marketers use digital outreach strategies to achieve success. We will also offer tips for getting started with digital outreach. 

What is Digital Outreach in Marketing?


Digital outreach is a broad term encompassing many different marketing goals and strategies. Put simply, it involves reaching out to individuals and businesses who may be interested in your brand or services.

It differs from inbound marketing, which involves clients or potential leads coming to you. Essentially, digital outreach covers all marketing strategies which involve you taking the first step to contact your target audience.

Digital outreach helps to build relationships and boost brand awareness. The ultimate aim of digital outreach is to secure new clients to purchase your business solution, products or services. Your business’s perfect digital outreach strategy will depend on your individual marketing goals.


6 Digital Marketing Strategies For Digital Outreach


You can directly promote your products or services through paid or unpaid advertising. Content marketing is a great, more subtle way of directly promoting your products or services. Paid advertising can be highly effective at boosting sales, while email marketing is an excellent way to share testimonials, case studies or special offers. We take a look at these digital marketing strategies in more depth below. 

Email marketing

Email Marketing 


Email marketing involves capturing the email addresses of potential customers, creating an email campaign and then marketing directly to their inboxes. This can be an efficient approach providing your email list contains quality leads. As such, how you capture email addresses is essential; you will need to be smart about it. 

social media networking

Social Networking 


Social networking can involve any interactions you have on social media. Perhaps you have a strategy to reach out directly to relevant parties on LinkedIn to build your professional network. Or maybe you use Twitter hours to engage with individuals and businesses in your local area who may be interested in your brand or the services you offer. 

digital outreach - influencer marketing

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a strategy involving various types of content posted to raise brand awareness and promote your business. It can include social media posts, video content, infographics and blog posts. High-quality content which is helpful, engaging and relevant to your target audience can be a potent marketing tool. 

influencer marketing strategies

Influencer Marketing 


Influencer marketing can be direct or indirect. Sometimes, influencers recommend brands or products because they enjoy using them or have had a good experience. If this happens, you’re lucky. Most influencer marketing involves brands directly reaching out to influencers to ask them to promote their products or services for a fee. 

PPC digital outreach marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 


Pay-per-click advertising can be an extremely effective way to generate more sales because it is highly targeted. You can use paid advertising on various channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. 


Define Your Marketing Goals to Find the Right Digital Outreach Strategy 


As digital outreach can involve a lot of different strategies and campaigns, you need to clearly define your marketing goals to determine the best approach for you. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, networking and content marketing would be the best place to focus your time and energy. However, if your goal is to generate more leads and sales, your primary focus might instead be on direct product promotion, advertising or email marketing.

Before focusing on your digital outreach strategy, set SMART goals for what you want to achieve with your marketing. If you’re not familiar with SMART goals, this acronym stands for:

  • Specific: begin by outlining a clear and specific goal, e.g. ‘I want to generate new leads’.
  • Measurable: quantify your goal to make it measurable ‘I want to generate at least 20 new leads’.
  • Action-Oriented: state the action you will take to achieve your goal (this is where the digital outreach strategy comes in, e.g. ‘I will use an email marketing campaign’)
  • Realistic and Relevant: ensure your goal is realistic, achievable within a given time frame and relevant to your broader business goals
  • Time-Based: state when you want to achieve your goal by giving you a clear focus to work towards, e.g. ‘I want to achieve this within 60 days’.

If you have multiple marketing goals, create a SMART target for each. Once you have clearly outlined your objectives, you can begin to develop a strategy for achieving your goals. If you lack the technical knowledge to design and carry out your digital outreach strategy, this is a good time to source a professional. Depending on your goals, you may want to find a digital marketing agency, digital outreach expert or social media management company.

Hire a professional digital marketer to help you achieve your goals

Once you have clearly defined SMART goals, you can take these to a professional digital marketer who will be able to create an effective strategy for achieving them. Look for a digital marketing agency that specialises in digital outreach.

Before hiring an agency, speak to them and explain your business and marketing goals. This conversation will help determine whether the agency or individual is knowledgeable and confident in their processes. Hiring a specialist digital marketing agency or social media management company will provide the professional know-how to help you reach your goals faster while freeing you up to concentrate on your core business processes.

Get in touch if you want to speak to someone about achieving your marketing goals with digital outreach.