Are you making content for your business? It could be social media posts, videos or blogs. Did you know that you can maximise the effectiveness of any piece of content and make your ideas go further? We take a look at how to repurpose content below.


What is Content Repurposing?


Content repurposing is taking one piece of content and making it work for more than one purpose. Put simply, it’s taking one idea such as a blog post and creating multiple versions such as social media posts, how-to videos and much more. By taking an idea that you have already come up with and utilising it in another format, you can maximise exposure.

Why Repurpose Content?


Repurposing content allows you to increase your reach and save time. You can use one blog post and then create a social media post sharing it, a how-to video on YouTube and maybe even an Instagram reel with the same original text. This will keep your social media calendar full of helpful content that people can engage with easily.


How do I Repurpose Content?


As a small business owner wearing many hats, being organised is a must so that you don’t waste time. If you’re going to repurpose something straight away, then make sure it’s relevant to the platform you are sharing it to.

For example, you create a tutorial blog, such as this one. From there, you create a post sharing it to your social media. For Instagram, you cannot share the link, so you create an eye-catching branded graphic. For Pinterest, you create a pin with some of the key takeaways and a link back to the blog. For YouTube, you film the process, and for Instagram Reels or TikTok, you do a behind the scenes timelapse.

Later down the line, you could create a slide video of some of the key takeaways to go onto your Facebook, Instagram and resize for Pinterest.

What Types of Content Can I Repurpose?

How-To Videos – How-to videos are great because they give your customer how-to tips and don’t require a lot of time or effort to create. If you know how to do something, film it! Once you have created your how-to video, write up some key takeaways from the process for social media posts and a blog post that you can embed the video on.

Blog Posts – Repeat blog posts to repurpose content onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Social Media Posts – You can repurpose your social media posts into how-to videos or write up a blog post.

Customer Reviews – You can take a customer review and turn it into a social media post, a case study on your website and embed it onto your website in a review slider or on a services page as proof of your work.

How to Repurpose Content


This is how we repurpose content here at Counting Stars; the process can be adapted to your business and social media platforms. For the purpose of this demonstration, we shall be using this blog post. You can change the order, i.e. you may start with a video, but we are beginning here with this blog post for this example.

These are the steps we would take immediately.

  • Write a blog post
  • Film some of the processes as a timelapse
  • Screen record the process of uploading onwards
  • Share the blog post to social media channels that accept links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Create a graphic for Instagram to share using our pre-made blog post templates
  • Create a Pinterest Graphic with some of the key takeaways using our Pinterest Blog post templates
  • Use the timelapse sped up as a behind the scenes post for Instagram reels and Tik Tok
  • Use the screen recording to create a YouTube tutorial

This content is all relevant to be re-shared immediately onto social media channels. Next, a month or two later, we could get even more value from the content by doing the below.

  • Refresh the blog with the YouTube tutorial embedded
  • Share the YouTube tutorial on social media channels
  • Create some slide videos or carousel posts using some of the key takeaways
  • Create some more reels or Tik Tok videos on the key takeaways of the post.

As you can see, this one idea has spawned many variants which can be created from the one simple concept. A further benefit of this post is that it is evergreen content. Repurposing content isn’t a time-sensitive subject. This means we can reshare the blog posts and videos we have created six months later. We can change the graphics and imagery and repost it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When you create content of value such as tutorials, top tips etc., it becomes straightforward to repurpose and create content around it. We use Canva, which makes the process of creating social media graphics extremely quick and easy. We can resize content from Instagram to Pinterest with a couple of clicks. That in itself could lend itself to a spin-off project of tutorial videos which we could link to from this post at a later date.

Optimising your time when you have so many areas of a business to take care of is important. If you could set aside time each week to create content for the week, you will find you are more productive and create better content. Work smarter, not harder.