In our first video tutorial, we take a look at how to find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram posts. many people feel like using hashtags is like stabbing in the dark, using words that are relevant to their product or service without knowing what effect it’s having. Success can seem elusive and many get disheartened with the process. 

The correct use of hashtags, however, can help you grow your channel with an increase in engagement and followers. The process doesn’t take long, is free to implement and can help you propel your Instagram game forward. 

Check out the video below, feel free to ask any questions in the comment and we will cover some best practices below the video. 

Visit Meta Hashtags website here.

To the right is a screenshot from Instagram, this shows the goal destination for your posts. By using the right hashtags your posts can be displayed in the ‘TOP’ posts. This means more people will see your post, engage with your post and notice your account.

If you are trying to be seen in the top posts of this category (#smallbusiness), you will clearly have a lot of competition with 42.1m posts. This is why we suggest choosing smaller hashtags initially. The larger your following becomes the more likes you will receive from followers and the easier it will get to perform well in higher ranking hashtags.

Recent posts will show up in the recent tab on the right of top posts. These posts will not stick around as long as posts that make it in to the top section. So the goal is always to reach for the top.

    OK, so before we wrap up, some of the tips we cover in the video are.


    1. Engagement gets engagement so ensure you are active on Instagram yourself. Don’t post and ghost.
    2. Do your research. In order to come up in relevant feeds, you need to utilise hashtags that your target audience are following. If you are a nail salon for example nail related hashtags will work, location based hashtags will work, beauty based hashtags will work. Research and understanding your audience is vital.
    3. The rule of 10 – This rule helps you cover a range of hashtags. 10 Smaller tags with under 10k, 10 medium hashtags 10k-49k and 10 larger hashtags 50k-100k.
    4. As your account grows you can change the goalposts on the limits, so small could cover anything under 50k, medium anything under 250k and large anything up to 500k and so on.
    5. Always monitor your an analytics to work out which hashtags perform the best for you.