Are you a business owner, struggling to keep on top of all the daily tasks that keep your business running? It can be challenging to prioritise, and stress can suddenly overtake. One of the ways to reduce this stress is to find tasks that can be outsourced, such as bookkeeping or social media management.


But how can you feel confident relinquishing control of this aspect of your business? We take at some top tips to help you find the perfect social media manager.


Begin with a List


Before embarking on your search, it’s essential to understand precisely what you are looking for. Here are some suggested questions and key points, but you may have some unique to your business.


  • Do you require someone local, or can your chosen manager be located anywhere? Some businesses may require someone who understand the local area and has connections there. Most companies, however, will not need to place strict geographical restrictions.
  • What do you expect from your social media manager? Think about how many posts per week you would like, which channels you want managing and the sort of content you would like them to create? Another critical consideration is reporting; how often would you like reports and feedback?
  • Do you have clear branding guidelines, or is this something you and your social media manager should work on together?
  • Will you be replying to comments, or should your social media manager do this on your behalf?
  • What is your maximum budget? It’s important to remember, the more you expect of your SMM, the more it is likely to cost. Time and tools used to create and schedule social media posts all cost money.
  • Do you have a budget for paid advertising, or will everything be purely organic?


Research Social Media Managers


As with anything, the search will begin with some research. Take to Google and search. Other places to look are freelancing websites such as People Per Hour or Upwork. Look at reviews along with the level of experience to determine how good a social media manager is.


Reviews from real customers speak volumes. Ask around, see if anyone in your network has someone they can recommend.


Be prepared to Work Closely with your SMM


Many people hand over to a social media manager and expect the work to be taken care of with no input from them. While this can, of course, occur, the closer you work with your social media team, the more natural your social media channels will be. If you have a promotion, tell them, taken some new pictures, share time. Have something personal to share, such as a review of another local business let them know. A personal approach goes a long way on social media, allowing your followers to connect with the business.


Ask for Examples of Accounts They Manage


Once you have done your investigative work and narrowed down the best candidates, you should have a good idea of your favourite. Before agreeing to proceed with a social media manager, it’s essential to ask for some examples of other channels they manage. This will allow you to understand how they work, ensuring their style fits with your business and checking how engaging their content is.


It’s all very well posting to social media channels regularly, but if the posts are uninspiring and not getting any reach or engagement, then you will be wasting your money.


Ask for a Trial Period


If you are happy with everything you have seen, you can test the waters by asking for a trial period. Three months is a good indicator, allowing you to see the growth of your channels and importantly, whether the posts are netting you some conversions.


Your requirements will likely be unique to your business. Communication is vital, ensure you have a good rapport with your social media manager and communicate your needs and expectations. That way everyone is singing from the same sheet, so to speak.