As a business having a social media presence is now vital. The majority of your customers will frequent one or more social media platform. YouGov puts Facebook ahead of the competition for usage across all adults in the UK, which means a presence there is important.

We take a look at how you can create a professional Facebook page for business.


Step 1 – Create Your Page (Skip this step if you already have a page created).


Some people make the mistake of setting up a personal profile instead of a brand or business page. This violates Facebook’s policies and means you need to friend request people. A page is a separate entity that people like or follow.

When logged into Facebook on a computer, go to the homepage. From the left-hand side, select pages. (You may need to click the see more dropdown). Then again, from the left-hand side, look for the blue button which says create page.

Enter the name of the page, use the name of your business or brand. You will be asked to choose a category, select this as the best fit for your business. Finally, add a brief description of what your business does.

create a facebook business page
Facebook page imagery

Step 2 – Add Imagery

We often see people put images that don’t fit here, which looks unprofessional. In the small circular space, you should use your logo; this should be in a square so that nothing gets cut off. You can zoom in and out with the slider to get the correct fit so that nothing is cut off.

Now you need to add a cover photo that represents what your business does. This is the first thing people will notice when they visit your Facebook page. This should be in keeping with your branding; remember it will look different on mobile devices, so try to keep it simple and not cover it in text as this will be cut off on some device

As the first impression for your page, this is important. The logo will be displayed as an icon when you comment on posts and like other pages posts. Find the correct dimensions for all social media imagery here. 


Step 4 – Optimise your Facebook page


We covered this in more details before so, you can read the full post here. But in brief, ensure you fill in your opening hours, link your Instagram account if you have one, fill in the about sections and decide whether or not you want the review function. Ensure all relevant contact details are also added so that your customers can get in touch. There is also the option to add your services if you are a service-based business.


Step 5 – Posts


Now to the important part, the ongoing Facebook posts. Ensure you have a good mix of content here, don’t purely promote yourself. Use a combination of content such as blogs that inform, videos that teach, third party content such as news pieces, blog posts, videos and memes to create an interesting and engaging page.

Remember that your customers have interests and don’t want to feel like they are being sold to all the time. They want to get to know you if you feel comfortable with it.

Ask for engagement and include call to actions on your posts. These could include click here to read our latest blog post, tag a friend this relates to or share this post.

Ensure posts look professional and have an image in the link preview if you are sharing a link. Don’t use tiny images as they will stretch, and don’t post multiple times in a day; this will affect your reach. 1 -2 well-timed posts per day are more than enough.

Here’s a Video Tutorial

Hopefully, this has helped you on your Facebook for business journey. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the comments below, or send us a message on any of our social media channels.