With billions of users worldwide, Facebook and Instagram can help you connect with more potential customers than you ever thought possible. But with the vast majority of businesses operating on these platforms, competition is fierce. The relatively recent addition of live video streaming features on these platforms provides an interesting way of connecting directly with prospective customers that, when used effectively, can help you gain a competitive edge and grow your business.

The benefits of live video streaming

  • Studies have shown that people prefer visual to written content
  • Live video allows you to connect with customers and prospects in real-time
  • Live video allows you to connect with your audience in a personal manner
  • Studies have shown people spend three times longer watching live videos compared with those which are pre-recorded
  • Live video allows you to respond instantly to questions and queries

How can Facebook / Instagram Live help you grow your business?

When used effectively, the live video streaming features on Facebook and Instagram can help you grow your business by building better relationships with customers that promote trust and brand loyalty. It is the most personal way of communicating with your audience online and, as such, is a valuable form of content to include in your marketing strategy. Facebook and Instagram live features provide an opportunity for you to be more authentic and boost the credibility and awareness of your brand. Using these features can help you to rapidly boost sales by demonstrating products and services and offering special limited-time discounts that encourage people to make quick purchases.

How to utilise live video streaming on Facebook and Instagram


Q&A sessions

You can use live video streaming to run Q&A sessions with your customers. This will help people to understand your products and services better and improve the user experience. Q&A sessions can also help you to reach out to new customers; Consider running a session in which you answer questions relating to the industry you work in, to attract people with an interest in this area. For example, in you operate in the fitness industry, you could run a Q&A session where you answer questions relating to body goals, workout trends or nutrition. Or perhaps you work in IT and could run a Q&A on cybersecurity or technical support. This type of Q&A could help you raise brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Live product testing & review

Live video streaming is a great opportunity to showcase your products by doing live testing and review, which can be done with new or existing products. Product demonstrations are a great way of selling people products they didn’t even know existed, or never thought they needed. This is why shopping channels are so effective. It also helps to build trust in your products and gives people a chance to see what your products really look like, how to use them properly and how effective they are. Boost sales by offering a special discount code for the audience if they make a purchase during the live video stream.

Product & service launch

Live video is a great way to launch a brand-new product or service and immediately start to build the hype around it. This can be a really impactful and low-cost way of marketing your new product or service, which can rapidly boost sales from the get-go. Consider offering a special discount for the audience, which will make them feel valued and want to keep coming back to your live streams so they don’t miss out in future.

Share your knowledge

Live video is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise, establishing your company as the experts in your field. Doing this live adds to the authenticity and credibility of your message and provides an opportunity to add the personal touch with real-time responses to questions and feedback from the audience.

Collaborate with expert guests & influencers

A sure way to grow your audience is by inviting big-name experts and influencers in your field to collaborate on live video events. This allows you to offer additional expertise and perspectives to your audience from someone in the same industry. It will also open you up to new customers as your influencer will likely invite their followers as well. Depending on your industry, you could collaborate with celebrities, academics, experts from other businesses and organisations or big names from YouTube or Instagram. If you manage to get a big star, people will be sure to show up in their masses, wanting to be the first to see the video as it goes out live.

Share live event coverage

Your customers will really feel involved if you bring them into your world by sharing live coverage of any events you are hosting, attending or involved with. This will really help you to build your brand by providing an insight into your business values and activities. You can share expert knowledge with industry events, celebrate achievements at awards events or show how ethical you are at charity events. You can even organise office events specifically for the purpose of live video content, giving people a glimpse into the inner workings of your organisation.


Business growth in the digital age is dependent on keeping up with the latest online trends and making the most out of new platforms and features. Video content is extremely popular and the Facebook and Instagram Live features provide a valuable opportunity for you to make a massive marketing impact at a very low cost. Why not give it a go?