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Email Marketing

If you have a database of customer email addresses then emails can be a great way of touching base with them, letting them know about new products or services, discounts and industry updates.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email can be a useful part of the marketing toolkit for anyone that has a database established.  Whether it’s regular newsletters you would like sending to customers or specific campaigns that tie in with your marketing objectives we can help. 

Why Choose email?

Email can be an effective way of reaching customers and potential customers if you already have their email address. It’s a direct line to them, giving you the opportunity to get your message directly in front of their eyes. Of course, in order for people to open your email it has to first capture their attention, so how can you do this? 

There are a number of ways from optimal sending times, to catchy subject lines, but the best way to engage with your audience is to deliver them something they care about directly to their inbox. This could be a special offer or some news that will engage them. As with all good campaigns, it’s not about purely promoting your own agenda. You need to pique the reader’s interest and make them want to keep an eye out for emails from you. 

How Can We Help?

Email inboxes are a crowded space. With people receiving numerous emails each day you have to capture attention or you run the risk of being condemned to the spam box. We can work with you to design engaging emails while running split tests on things like subject lines, times to send and even the design to help you be seen.


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