Whilst most companies do have a website, some business owners wonder if they might be able to get by without one. With the weight that social media marketing holds these days, many people wonder if they really need a website in addition to this. Whilst all businesses are different and some rely more heavily on walk-in trade and words of mouth, a website can take almost any business to the next level. For those wondering why their business needs a website, this post explores the many ways that having one can help you save time and money, boost your brand and grow your enterprise.

Showcase your products and services

A website is the perfect place to showcase your products and services, on one convenient platform that is available to potential customers 24/7. Whilst your premises may be open at set times only, people can view what your business has to offer at any time of the day or night online and submit an enquiry for you to respond to during office hours. A website is a great place to list products, explain the services you offer, display photos of your work and list reviews from happy customers. A website allows potential customers to explore this information at their leisure, without feeling pressured to make quick purchasing decisions.

Present a professional image

A well designed and maintained website, with great content, helps you to present a professional image to the world. A professional looking website can give the impression of a small business being larger than it is, establishing authority and credibility in your field amongst both customers and competitors. People expect credible businesses to have a website these days; when businesses lack a website, or their site is substandard, it can give a poor impression of the business and put customers off from buying.

Attract new customers

A professional website, with an effective SEO strategy, can increase the visibility of your businesses and help new customers to find you online via search engines such as Google or Bing. In the digital age, search engines are often the first port of call for people searching for particular products and services. Ensuring your website is one of the top search results when people are looking for what you offer will boost brand awareness, help you attract new customers and grow your business. An online presence can help you reach a global audience, helping companies to grow from local, to national and even expand to a global level if desired.

Compete with other companies

Because most businesses have a website, not having one puts you at a disadvantage with competitors. If you are less visible online, compared with your competitors, new customers will be likely to choose them over you. You can use your website to help you stand out from the crowd by making it visually appealing, user friendly and full of useful content that establishes you as an authority in your field.

Improve the service you offer

You can use your website to improve the service you offer by uploading useful content that helps your customers solve issues relating to the field you operate in. Adding a blog to your website will allow you to share lots of useful content that drives traffic to your website, bringing you new customers and establishing you as an expert in your field. You can use your blog to provide useful information and explain how people can solve issues they may have as well as advertising your products and services. As well as reaching new audiences, a website gives you a range of tools for improving the service you provide to existing customers. FAQ pages, online chat services and customer portals are a few examples of how businesses utilise their websites for this purpose.

Data gathering

A website is a great tool for gathering useful data about your target market. You can obtain useful marketing data by using forms, surveys and website analytics, which can then be used to better target your products, services and marketing strategy. This information can help you to reduce costs and expand your reach much faster than relying on an organic approach to growth.

Save time and money

Having a website as the cornerstone of your marketing and customer service strategies can save you time and money. A well-resourced website can save valuable time that may otherwise be spent communicating with customers on the phone, face to face or via email. By directing customers to the information on your website, you can significantly reduce the number of non-sales enquiries your company deals with on a day-to-day basis, thereby reducing time and money spent in this area. Promotional materials also take time and money to plan, produce and distribute. Providing these online via your website can significantly reduce time and money spent in this area. Producing brochures and flyers is costly and often results in a lot of wasted effort. Distributing these resources online is much cheaper and can be done in a more targeted way, reducing waste and ensuring you reach your desired audience.