When it comes to social media content creation, the time involved in creating content can seem a little daunting for businesses. Consistent posting is they key to keeping an engaged audience, but how can you make your content creation process a little easier? We take a look at some of the apps and software we use to help us create content for ourselves and for our clients. This is in no way endorsed or sponsored by the companies featured, we are simply sharing to help you smash your content game.

Scheduling Software



The first thing we would suggest is investing in a scheduling tool. Buffer, for instance, offers a free account for up to 3 profiles. If you like to have some more control over analytics, have more than 3 channels etc, then paying a little bit of money can unlock a lot of extra features. One of the tools we use is Social Pilot, they have a $30 per month plan, which would suit most businesses and is very reasonable for the array of features and reporting available.

The ability to schedule posts allows you to batch-create content and schedule it to go out. This means that you can dedicate a couple of hours per week to creating content and scheduling it to go out each day. If you pay for a plan with analytics included you unlock the ability to see what’s worked well and what hasn’t, monitor the best times of day to post, cross-post to other channels and so on.

Scheduling in bulk is the best way to save time and prevent procrastination, by setting aside the time in your diary each week to create and plan.


Design Software


Canva is one of the best investments you can make if you don’t have the ability to pay a professional designer. The templates in Canva make it easy to create something that looks professional, add your branding to it in the form of fonts, company colours and logo via the brand kit; which saves tonnes of time and even create video content. The Canva pro plan comes in at £8.99 per month which is nothing for the time, energy it can save you, not to mention just how polished and professional your posts will look.

We create images for blog posts to go on to Instagram and Pinterest in a flash by using the same template each week and adjusting the imagery to reflect the blog etc. This saves us bags of time and keeps a consistent look across our channels.


Finding Content


We always recommend utilising a good mix of content on your social media channels. This includes promotional posts, your own blog posts, quotes, memes, videos and third party content in the form of news, blogs, videos etc that are relevant to your audience. In order to find relevant content, we use Feedly.


Feedly allows us to create streams using relative sources, you find publications in your industry and can add them to the feed.  For instance, if we wanted content that relates to social media management we could add feeds to Social Media examiner, Hubspot and so on. Another tool that we have found very useful is the curated content option within our scheduling software Social Pilot. This works with keywords, allowing us to type a keyword and see all the relevant news within a given time. We can then scroll through and schedule it to our channels quickly and effortlessly.


Finally Google News can also assist you by creating alerts for news in certain fields such as ‘antiques’ ‘collectable’ and so on. You can then receive an email notification from Google with any new updates.


Hashtag Finder

hashtag finder - Meta hashtags

Navigating the world of Instagram hashtags can be time-consuming and complex, but Meta Hashtags makes it a breeze. This intuitive platform saves precious hours by allowing you to search for hashtags, find similar ones, and even see their usage volumes – helping you craft the optimum hashtag formula for your posts. You’ll not only be able to reach the right audience but also understand the potential of your selected hashtags. Plus, Meta Hashtags allows you to create lists of your favorite and most effective hashtags for easy access in the future, meaning no more scrambling to find or remember the best tags for your content. Harness the power of Meta Hashtags to maximize your Instagram potential, improve your visibility, and engage with your target audience effectively and efficiently